Topic: Create new test files of examples on the fly

This need Siren 2.0 or above.

Q:  I want to help someone who have posted a few examples he have problems with.
      Now i have to create this files to test my expression before i post them.
      Can i use Siren to my aid to make this more quickly?

A:  Sure you can.  (This batch work in Windows 2000 and above only)

Do this onces:

1.) Create an folder (if you want) like "C:\mySirenTests"
2.) Create an new text file named e.g. "_CreateFiles.cmd"
3.) Copy and paste the followed code into this new _CreateFiles.cmd file

SET myFileName=newxxxyyyzzz
set /p "myAmount=How many files do you want to create?"
for /l %%i in (1,1,%myAmount%) do (copy nul %myFileName%_%%i.txt >NUL)

Save this as _CreateFiles.cmd (Attention, Notepad wants to add an ".txt" what we didn't need!) into "C:\mySirenTests"
Now you should have "C:\mySirenTests\_CreateFiles.cmd"



Do this every time you need new test files:

0.) Go into your test folder  "C:\mySirenTests"
1.) Execute the batch "_CreateFiles.cmd"  by double click
2.) Answer the question "How many files do you want to create?"  e.g. with '4'
3.) Press ENTER, your done.  Four new files called like  "newxxxyyyzzz_1.txt"  are created.

4.) Go to the browser and copy the names of the examples file names to the clipboard.

5.) Start Siren 2.0 and go to your test folder "C:\mySirenTests"
6.) Select the new created temp files "newxxxyyyzzz_1.txt" and set the marker in front of them

7.) Use the new introduced variable %C  as expression    [ %C   : line extracted from the clipboard following the file selection order ]

     See, ...  the 'Future names' of the  temp files  ...   have now the names of the examples.

8.) Press RENAME and your done. Now you have the same file names as the quester.