Topic: [EN] MaTéléFree 1.00 alpha 5 build 433


Here is a new alpha version of MaTéléFree.

It brings the following modifications :
- Support of Ustream live streams
- Fullscreen of one channel only when multiple channels are played
- Add currently played channels to a playlist
- "Stop all channels" menu option
- VLC path search in the "PATH" environment variable
- Mouse wheel increment on volume set to 1 (cage)
- Many other modifications
- Bugs correction
     - Youtube lives permanent url : please remove and re-add the Youtube channels
     - "At startup, restore played channels" preference bug (cage)
     - Sound volume not set for channels played at startup (cage)
For more details you can refer to this page.

Here are the download links to this new version :
Windows : 32-bit, 64-bit
Gnu/Linux : i386 (32-bit), x86_64 (64-bit), raspberry pi 2 and 3
Channels and radio logos : to be unzipped in the installation directory

The source will be available when the final 1.00 version will be released.

Do not hesitate to post all your remarks and suggestions in this forum.