Topic: [EN] MaTéléFree 1.00 alpha 5 build 446


A small modification of the 445 build :
- Add vlc init string for Ustream channels in the Preferences

As a reminder, here are the modifications brought by the 445 build :
- A m3u file can define an URL of an external m3u source (cage)
  For more detail check the "mtf_readme" file in the "data" directory
- Youtube and Ustream stream extraction improvement
  !! You have to remove and re-add the Youtube channels !!
- New "preference" to set the new added player active or not
- Many other modifications
- Bugs correction

For more details you can refer to this page.

Here are the download links to this new version :
Windows : 32-bit, 64-bit
Gnu/Linux : i386 (32-bit), x86_64 (64-bit), raspberry pi 2 and 3
Channels and radio logos : to be unzipped in the installation directory

The source will be available when the final 1.00 version will be released.

Do not hesitate to post all your remarks and suggestions in this forum.