Topic: [EN] MaTéléFree 1.10 beta 1 build 547


Here is the first beta of the 1.10 version. It brings the following modifications :

- Display the number of viewers of played "live" channels (when available)
- New live services : Periscope and Mixer
- Live channel stream search becomes threaded
- Twitch stream data extraction corrected
- Minor modifications :
   - VLC minimum version check is done at channel level
   - Maximum sound volume value raised to 200
   - Convert html characters in live channel names
   - New preference : VLC command line parameters for all channels
   - Youtube VLC command line parameters automatically changed based on VLC version
   - More accurate error messages when adding live channels
   - Little adjustments to retry offline live channels
   - Remove of the "auto" stream for live channels
   - Web channels sorted by name
   - GNU/Linux executables (except raspberry) linked against "libcurl4"

Here are the download links to this new version :
Windows : 32-bit, 64-bit
GNU/Linux : i386 (32-bit), x86_64 (64-bit), raspberry pi 2 and 3
Channels and radio logos : to be unzipped in the installation directory

The source will be available when the final version will be released.

Do not hesitate to post all your remarks and suggestions in this forum.