Topic: Siren 3.00 beta 2 build 881

This new build changes the following :

+ Line number parameter added to "%C" and "%T" variables.
  This to be able to use a variable as line number.
  For example for file : music_cd_1.mp3
  %T{"roman.txt",%N} or %T{"roman.txt",%b[-1,"_"])
  can give the cd number in roman numeral (if the file "roman.txt" exists and contains roman numeral lines).
+ Time to add to a date can be a variable too   
+ Option to force copied files timestamps to original ones (depends on operating systems)
+ Support of "mop" image files
* Base columns button group behaviour modification
* Expression analyze modifications : spaces allowed before and after variable parameters
* Bug : when windows position and size are not saved
* Bug : GTK direct (F1) display filters help
* Bug : Windows record separator after header in "copy selected files data to clipboard"
* Change a few texts
* Help modifications

(a special thank to Pierre for all his remarks and suggestions)

It is available under Windows (>= XP) and GNU/Linux (GTK2) :

For more details about Siren 3.00 go there.