(My abject apologies for not returning for many years!!!... "Real life" intervened.  hmm )

There's something intermittent and strange about the beginning of the New Name. (I found the bug(s) and workarounds)

My setup:

* Files in a folder on D:

D:\Music\Music - T\1311

The symptoms I see:
1) Sometimes, some of the files get a New Name that begins with \\


Various Artists\\[%Ay] %AA\\%AT At (%Aa).%e 

Some files are ok, ie

Various Artists\[2000] High... 

But some are not, ie

\\Various Artists\[1999] South... 

2) If I then force to an absolute path (e.g. add  D:\\ ) it breaks in a different way:
Some files are ok, ie

D:\Various Artists\[2000] High... 

But the broken ones now have a different issue:

D:\Music\Music - T\1311\ Bigger... 

a) The entire path has been inserted
b) Various Artists isn't there at all
c) The year and album name have completely disappeared
d) There's a blank space at the beginning of the album name

3) If I then remove the D:\\ it sometimes gets even stranger --

On some entries, I get 


a) A colon at the start
b) A single backslash not two!

Ah HAH! The album name contains a  : ... I added a couple of modifiers.


Various Artists\\[%Ay] %AA(":"," ")("  "," ")\\%AT At (%Aa).%e 

...and now it works correctly.

But I suspect #2 and #3 are in reality bugs. That was pretty subtle. wink