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i. Hello everyone,

ii. I've been trying to turn this: 20140819  into the following:  2014-08-19

iii. but I couldn't figure out it out. I've been resorting to using a macro !!!!

iv. Is there a simple way to achieve this? And also, if I wished to switch this:

v. from this:   20140819      into this     19082014     or     19-08-2014

vi. Kind Regards,

vii. Mr Man


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i. Hello Rémi,

ii. Yes, u did understand my question, thank u

iii. Would help out so much if this could also work with other email formats,

vi. Thank you for letting me know about the Evolution requests section, I hope to post some ideas in future,

iv. Kind Regards,

v. Mr Man


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i. Hi Rémi,

ii. I'm new to the forum. Thank you for building Siren - a powerful utility - I've been using it for a few years now

iii. I have suggestions. Siren, as of now, can detect numbers in documents, but for emails this doesn't work

iv. With the use of the internet by most of the population now, due to Coronavirus, do you think u can

v. Program Siren to work with email metadata, from Pg count to number of attachments, etc

vi. Kind Regards

vii. Mr Man