Topic: Siren 3.00 alpha 2 build 837

This new build adds and corrects the following :

+ Three/Two toolbars layout. New entry in the "Display" menu
+ Show/Hide status bar. New entry in the "Display" menu
+ Date format used in the file list. New preference in "Preferences/Display"
* Bug right click on value in the file list 
* XP sort renamed to Natural sort
* Spaces added at the end of help pages for nicer "jumps"
* Preferences reset to default changed from global reset (General) to reset per page
* Remove references to "recurse". Even a command line option has been changed
* Change a few texts
* Help modifications

Many entries of the configuration file have been renamed/moved. Therefore you may find "Preferences"
you modified reinitialized to their default values.

It is available under Windows (>= XP) and GNU/Linux (GTK2) :

For more details about Siren 3.00 go there.