Topic: Siren 3.00 beta 2 build 888

This new build changes the following :

+ New string modifier : tr
  It completes regular expression by allowing "transliteration".
  The syntax used is the standard one : tr/from/to/cds
  For example, for the file "a video file.avi" :
  %b(tr/aeiouy/AEIOUY/).%e gives "A vIdEO fIlE.avi"
  For more information and examples, please consult the Help : Expression/Modifiers/String modifier : "()"/Transliteration
* Bug in expression evaluation when a modifier parameter is an anti-collision variable : %nc, %ncs ...
* Change a few texts
* Help modifications

It is available under Windows (>= XP) and GNU/Linux (GTK2) :

For more details about Siren 3.00 go there.