Topic: Siren 3.14 beta 2 build 1027

New in this release :
The actions (rename, copy etc.) are disabled in directories that don't support the file system modification monitoring

New in 3.14 :
- File type "auto detection" for wrong or unknown file extensions
  + New column : "Detected Type" (not displayed by default)
  + New variable "Detected Type" : %yd
  + New options in Preferences/General 
- Monitor changes of current directory 
  It even takes in charge the modifications done by Siren
  The directory tree is not monitored
- Support of some new file types :
  + fon : font file (MSW only)
  + snd : sound file
- Minor modifications
  + "Insert variable" option added in the right click menu of completion windows
  + Better first placement of the completion windows
  + Completion window toolbar buttons and menu options are now "checkable" elements   

Minor in 3.14 :
- MSW : stricter management of the ':' character in new filename
- Correct redisplay of the image after modification of Display/Image preferences
- MSW : in the dir tree, backspace jumps up two levels
- GTK : a right click on a column header shows the menu slightly lower than the mouse pointer
- GTK : Horizontal bar under main menu
- GTK : At first start, "First Contact" doesn't have the focus

It is available under Windows (>= XP) and GNU/Linux (GTK2) :

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