MaTéléFree is a multimedia stream player
MaTéléFree is free of charge and distributed under the GPLv3 license

Windows : 7 minimum. i386, x86_64
GNU/Linux : i386, x86_64, raspberry pi 2 and 3 (armv7)

MaTéléFree cannot run without the presence of VLC (version 2.0 minimum).
VLC can be downloaded directly from VideoLAN's web site.
Its type, 32 or 64-bit, must be the same as MaTéléFree's one.

MaTéléFree has been written with Freebox's "multiposte" service in mind.
If you don't know what a Freebox is, please consult its Wikipedia's page.

No installation needed, unzip and run.
The channels and radio logos are not part of the MaTéléFree "zip".

MaTéléFree enables you to access a list of known multimedia (video and radio) streams.
Some are read from the Freebox and others directly from internet servers.

  • If you have access to Free's multiposte service :
    • Access to all channels and radios offered by the multiposte service : "en option" or not.
      All channels available on Freebox TV may not be so in multiposte.
    • Search for "en option" channels that can be currently watched.
      Some can be accessible be during certain periods of the day and some can be temporarily offered.
  • Visualition of two streams simultaneously
  • Two display modes : normal and minimal
  • Creation of personnal playlists grouping Web and Freebox streams