MaTéléFree is a multimedia stream player

MaTéléFree is free of charge and distributed under the GPLv3 license

Windows : 7 minimum. i386, x86_64
GNU/Linux : i386, x86_64, raspberry pi 2 and 3 (armhf)

MaTéléFree cannot run without the presence of VLC (version 2 or later).
VLC can be downloaded directly from VideoLAN's web site.
Its type, 32 or 64-bit, must be the same as MaTéléFree's one.

No installation needed, unzip and run.
The channels and radios logos are NOT present in MaTéléFree's "zip". They can be downloaded separately.

MaTéléFree enables you to access a list of known multimedia (video and radio) streams.

  • Twitch, Youtube, Dailymotion, Ustream, Periscope and Mixer
    • Watch "live" streams broadcasted by these sites
    • Display the number of viewers (if available)

  • Freebox multiposte

  • Many other web video and radio channels are available
    • In different languages
    • Near all the french TNT channels
  • No limit of the number of simultaneously playable channels
    The processor and the bandwidth have to be up to the task.
  • Two display modes : normal and minimal
  • Creation of personnal playlists