I am using the program MP3Tag https://www.mp3tag.de/en/ to set these tags.   This usage also seems to match how the Kodi system handles the mp3 tags in their music library.  I headed down this road to try to make Kodi useful (its an evil time waster).

I can send a song when I can.

Thank you!

When renaming files associated with an album with guest artists, you would typically set the AlbumArtist to one name (or in the case of a compilation album, set to "Various Artists").   

For example, I have the Album "Jackpot" by artist "Chingy".   It has track #12 as "Holidae Inn", and the artist is set to "Chingy ft. Ludacris & Snoop Dog".

I would like to be able to rename these this to "Chingy - Jackpot\12 - Holidae Inn - Chingy ft. Ludacris & Snoop Dog"

There is currently no rename tag for "AlbumArtist".