Topic: renaming tag for MP3 ID3 tag "AlbumArtist"

When renaming files associated with an album with guest artists, you would typically set the AlbumArtist to one name (or in the case of a compilation album, set to "Various Artists").   

For example, I have the Album "Jackpot" by artist "Chingy".   It has track #12 as "Holidae Inn", and the artist is set to "Chingy ft. Ludacris & Snoop Dog".

I would like to be able to rename these this to "Chingy - Jackpot\12 - Holidae Inn - Chingy ft. Ludacris & Snoop Dog"

There is currently no rename tag for "AlbumArtist".

Re: renaming tag for MP3 ID3 tag "AlbumArtist"

Hello and welcome to this forum,

The problem with the tags is the interpretation done by the different software of the different formats.
There are no real standards.
If you use software A to set AlbumArtist in a M audio file doesn't mean another one will do the same the exact same way.
For software like Siren it is difficult to extract what a user expects.
I add your request to my todo list.

Can you send me one of the files you are talking about ?
You can use the email address present in Siren's "?/About" window.


Re: renaming tag for MP3 ID3 tag "AlbumArtist"

Maybe you can extract just what you get
and provide it as a kind of an un-named list.
Just like
and the user have to lookup them self what he need,
without the help of a valid tag name.

Re: renaming tag for MP3 ID3 tag "AlbumArtist"

I am using the program MP3Tag to set these tags.   This usage also seems to match how the Kodi system handles the mp3 tags in their music library.  I headed down this road to try to make Kodi useful (its an evil time waster).

I can send a song when I can.

Thank you!

Re: renaming tag for MP3 ID3 tag "AlbumArtist"

This solution could be ok if the files to rename have been tagged by the same software.
If any I hope to find something more user friendly.
Don't bother to send me the file. It should be fine.