Hello ...

i take a lot of digital photo's and i use siren as the best renaming tool sofar .... its simple and brilliant at the same time ... yet sophisticated for the advanced user

well the point is my skill's didnt do the trick .... so now i have to beg for a little help

in siren i have created a favorite looking like this : Name NEF_ALFA =      D:\\NEF_ALFA\\%Xdo{"%Y\\%m\\%d"}\\%Xdo%XSo.%e
and a second one called                                    :  Name NEF_BRAVO =  D:\\NEF_BRAVO\\%Xdo{"%Y\\%m\\%d"}\\%Xdo%XSo.%e

they both rename *.jpg;*nef  files on my cameracard i the directory root/DCIM/100D200   ( in reality XXXD200  XXX = 100-999)

siren.exe and siren.ini are both placed on the card at the root

Both favorites should be a copy function so they copy/rename all the images on the card to the two seperate directories on the D:\ drive

so all in need now is to figure out how the heck the batch file should be like ....

i have tried some but cant make it work .... help please

my guess is it should be fairly simple
perhaps with a pause before copying just to make sure
or more advanced with a search for D:\ drive before copy ( without any asking ... )

thank you

all the best from Kristian Thomsen