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Topic: Exception list for change case action

Just for the record... an another feature wish: Exception list for change case

I like to exclude some terms from being renamed by change case actions.

f.ex. file:

I like to  upper case first character of each word

But i like to leave the company name xYx  and our keyword FINISHED as they are:

There i would love that Siren checks an exclude list (exclude.txt) and don't case change the name found in this list.

Please let the user decide what he wants more; quickly executing of the renaming or use of an exclude list.

Maybe this exclude.txt -file can have an hard coded name and can/should be accessed by an parameter instead of an explicit file name.
i.e. f.ex. by %Uxb  instead   of %U("my_exlist.txt")b
Or maybe by an parameter in the option menu: "[ ] Use excluding for case change"

An work around would be %Ub("xyx","xYx")("Finished","FINISHED").*
but for renaming a large MP3 list where i would prevent e.g. 'ft' and 'ABBA' and 'AC-DC' and 'for', 'and', etc. from case change this would be to complicated.