Topic: Char count modifier

Feature request "char count"

How can i find the amount of the chars in an file name /part ?

How about an new option like %Xc  which return the amount of the chars ?

example:  first test.exe
expr: %bc
Result: 10

expr: %fc
result. 14

expr: %bc[1]
result: 5

Needed in first for sorting file name by length in Siren
but maybe for other issues too.

Re: Char count modifier

Why not. I'll think about it.

To sort your files by name length maybe can you use this little "trick":

- Select all the files you want to sort in the list
- Use %f(s/./-/g) as rename expression. This way all characters will be replaced by '-' (dash)
- Click on the "Future name" column header once or twice depending on the sorting order you need.

Re: Char count modifier

Very clever this trick, do you want share this in that thread too? … php?id=136

To shorten the future name if needed (i mean the view in Siren only)
we can replace groups of two or three chars with one dash
or even replace the dash by an comma

Nice :-)