Topic: Siren hidden feature


An undocumented feature enables to extract the beginning or the end of a file.

To extract the beginning:
1) Choose a file by setting the focus on it

2) Press the key sequence:
Ctrl+Alt + a digit (1..9) from the main keyboard (not the numpad)
The value of the digit determines the size of extraction:
1 for 100KB
2 for 200KB
9 for 900KB

3) A file dialog opens with the file name field initialized. Change whatever needed.

To extract the end of the file, the procedure is the same as the previous one except for the
first key sequence: Alt has to be replaced by Shift.

Why this function in Siren ?
From a version to the next, the number of metadata types supported grew.
Generally this kind of information is stored at the file begin or end.
To make submit of bugs easier, as a file can be huge, I decided to add this function in v1.40.

Don't know if it can be useful hmm

Maybe wink

Re: Siren hidden feature

At least thank you for sharing ;-)