Topic: Filter by creation date


I do not know if it is possible, but I would like to be able to only rename files in a folder that have been created since, let us say, the last hour.


Re: Filter by creation date

Hello and welcome,

The problem here is to select the files created recently.
There is no user interface elements to directly achieve this.

I see two solutions:

Sort the files by Creation Date and select them by "block":
- The file list can be sorted by any column.
By default, the Creation Date one is not displayed. To add it, goto Options/Columns, click on the "Creation" item checkbox and press OK.
Click on the column header of the "Creation" column. The files should be sorted.
- Click on the first file you want to rename and shift-click on the last one.
You can now select the highlighted files with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Enter or the option menu Select/Select.

D&D: If you have another program listing the files in the order you want, drag and drop them onto Siren: they will be automatically selected.

Now the rename operation can be done the usual way.

Hoping this will help