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This is an awesome software! Thank you for making this available!

Is there a way to extract the Date Time Sent from an Outlook email message (msg file) and rename the file similar to expression %dm.*

Example future name desired:

Thanks in advance.

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The "msg" file type support is not planned yet.

"eml" is supposed to be added in the next version but this format is not natively handled by Outlook.


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Thanks for the quick reply.

I do hope there will be future support for Outlook msg files and will see if there's a way to work with your program as eml files that are later supported. I've been looking for the last few years for a program that could do the Outlook msg file renaming. For archiving our Outlook messages, I've been have our whole staff manually renaming all the msg files that are stored onto our system. Very tedious!

In the meantime, renaming our photo image files has been made incredibly easier with your help.

Again, thank you very much.