Topic: Length column missed - show path/file length

I missed an column with the path length and one with the name length.

[Current Name] [New Name] [Path Len] [Name Len] [Sel]

I wanted to check the complete length of path/file name.ext after computing an new name.

I found an work around:

Use Expression: %f, %pa or %fa

Since "Manual Rename" dialog (F2) doesn't support the Ctrl+Shift+E option
   (ohh, it contains the name part only anyway. But shouldn't  CS+E works here too?.
      OK, since this is an extra dialog it would be tricky to get it to work i guess.)

i have to use the "Insert pointed value into expression" context menu option.

Then i can select the expression field and  press Ctrl+Shift+E and see the actual path/file length in the status bar.

Re: Length column missed - show path/file length


I'm not going to implement the "length" columns but I'll try to add the Ctrl+Shift+E in the manual rename dialog.



Re: Length column missed - show path/file length

In the last build (811), Ctrl+Shift+E has been added to the manual rename window and to the expression testbed dialog (all fields) .