Topic: Test results on Linux

Tested build 825 on Linux Mint 9 (a Ubuntu LTS derivative).

So far few issues; one is the dates in the columns having a format that's too long for my taste (example "Aug 2011 02:06:28 AM CEST"); does it get the format from some LC_ variable that I can tweak? Although I'd actually prefer some display setting in Preferences... 

While composing this post, I've found a bug: if you change the default order of the columns, the context menu entries "Insert pointed value into expression" and "Copy pointed value to clipboard" don't use the current column, but the one from the default ordering. Don't know if this also happens in Windows, I've never used before these two features...

Re: Test results on Linux


Thanks for giving feedback about the GNU/Linux version ! (You're the first one).

The date/time format used by Siren in the file list is the system default one (strftime "%c").
Normally it should be the same as the one used by Nautilus under Gnome or the file explorer under Windows.
I thought it was consistent.
It seems possible to change the default but it is not that obvious.

The "column" bug should be corrected in the next build.


Re: Test results on Linux

The modifications have been added to the last build (837) :
- Bug right click on value in the file list
- A new preference has been added to specify a format for dates displayed in the file list
(Preferences/Display/Date format in the file list)

I hope this will correspond to what you expected