Topic: New RegEx Engine - Problems and Differences

Siren 3.00 beta 2 build 888

It seems the new regex engine doesn't support the \U and such flags?

I mean those as shown with "Extended with improved  RegEx" at … d=337#p337

Test file:  sumCOINS.awk.bak.txt

Expression: %b(s/\.(\w)/.\U\1/).*
(Just to upper case the letter behind the first dot. Simple test)

Result v2:  sumCOINS.Awk.bak.txt

Result v3:  sumCOINS.Uawk.bak.txt

Re: New RegEx Engine - Problems and Differences

You are right.
In versions 2 the regular expression library used was
Since version 3 Siren uses the one included in wxWidgets. It may not include all the extra features present in but it is compliant with the "standard" and is perfectly integrated in its code environment.

I am sorry for the users who get into the habit of using these advanced features but for now I don't think to go back on this.