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Topic: Expression sets

Most of modern digital cameras can create images and video. So, generally, one should have an expression for *.jpg, another one for *.mov, another one for *.avi and so on. This is OK.

It is possible that what I would find nice to have is already possible with Siren, but I have just not seen it - I do not know. It is the following:

I would like to be able to select all the files in the camera, irrespectively of their extension, and evaluate each file with the expression depending on the extension of theat file. (I know I can do this now by iteratively selecting extension-specific files and applying appropriate expressions.)

So, I was thinking about the concept of an expression set, which would be one level above the expression level, so to speak: Each line in an expression set would provide the file extension(s) and one expression, something like this:

mov,avi: <here an expression for non exif files>
jpg,jpeg: <here an expression for exif files>

Siren could provide for saving and selecting expression set definitions. When evaluating, Siren would look what extension a file has and then apply the appropriate expression from the selected expression set.

Well, this is just an idea, which, I think, could be nice to have.

Re: Expression sets

You can select the files based on filters: press Ctrl+S and enter "*.avi;*.mov" or "*.jpg;*.jpeg"

Another possibility is to start Siren with the appropriate arguments.
For example, you can create a ".bat" file or a shortcut containing the command:
siren /f "*.avi;*.mov" /s *.* /e "your expression for movies"
or the command:
siren /f "*.jpg;*.jpeg" /s *.* /e "your expression for photos"

You'll find more details about command line parameters in the help.

Hoping this will help.