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Topic: Program file location

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Under Windows 7, where should be copied the program folder: "%ProgramFiles(x86)%" or "%ProgramFiles%"?


Re: Program file location

Hello & Bonjour !

Siren's folder can be located anywhere on your system.

Under Windows, by default, the preference file "siren.ini" is located in the same directory as the executable.
To work properly "siren.exe" must have write access to this folder.

During its startup Siren looks for "siren.ini".
If the one it finds has been created by an older version it will try to extract the favorites from it.
It should even work between different OS (Windows => GNU/Linux).

To get your 2.xx favorites under the 3.00 :
- copy the 2.xx "siren.ini" in the directory containing the 3.00 executable
- start the 3.00 version. A message should appear indicating the modifications done.

Do not hesitate to ask for more information.



Re: Program file location

>>Under Windows 7, where should be copied the program folder: "%ProgramFiles(x86)%" or "%ProgramFiles%"?

This depends on if your Win7 system is 32- or 64-bit.

Since Siren 3.0 for WindowsTM is an 32-bit application
the place on 32-bit windows is "%ProgramFiles%" anyway
and on 64-bit windows would be "%ProgramFiles(x86)%" .

But normally one would store his portable tools anyway on an other partitions
e.g. in an folder "F:\Tools". There they remain even if you have to reinstall windows on C:-Partition.

If you store it under ProgramFiles (or x86, no matter) and have UAC turned on
there may be some issue you have to understand if you work with WindowsTM.
If you store it outside of ProgramFiles there will be no issue at all.
F.ex.: "C:\MyTools\" will do perfectly. But even better store it on an other partition.

Back ground:

Since Win7 with enabled UAC doesn't allow write access on ProgramFiles (or x86, no matter)
it redirects access to such an folder under ProgramFiles to an place the user have write access,
that is VirtualStore folder in the user profile folder like "%AppData%\..\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Siren\".

That is; Win7 lies to you and the application too.
Both you think the ini file is under ProgramFiles\Siren
but Windows have redirected it in the back ground for you for security reasons.

Work around:

If you understood windows you can give the user group "USERS"
MODIFY-right on the program folder "Siren" under ProgramFiles
and the INI will be written to the folder where the Siren.exe is again.
(You may want to copy the ini from VirtualStore if you need your old settings)