Topic: Error on paths (long filenames?) - Win7 + NAS

I just tested Siren v3.01 coming from version 2.00 (on Windows 7).

I wanted to let you know that I immediately got an error trying to access a path on a NAS storage unit (it is a QNAP TS-239, which uses SAMBA).

For instance, this path:
Y:\Foto\Foto 3\2007-12-25 Natale
returned the following error:
"Impossible to access to Y:\Foto\FMGOOT~O\243Q4C~X"

I thought it might depend on the presence of spaces in the name (sometimes I also use underscores, even as the first character), but following path also fails:
Y:\Foto\Immagini\Sfondi\background -> "Impossible to access to Y:\Foto\Immagini\Sfondi\BRG4XN~5".

Obviously I tried many other paths; most of them fail, and I haven't been able to find any connection with the name of the file being accessed (or maybe there are multiple reasons: spaces, filenames longer than 8 characters...).
It looks like there is an improper use of the short name for the file somewhere.

I never had similar problems with any other programs; even Siren 2.00 always functioned correctly.

Please tell me if there is any further test I can help you with.

Thanks for your efforts!

Re: Error on paths (long filenames?) - Win7 + NAS

Hello and welcome,

Siren 2 and 3 have totally different foundations. Siren 2 is pure Win32 and Siren 3 is based on a third party library.
This is why you can have different results.
I've just remade some tests but I've not been able to reproduce this problem.

If not an access right issue, the error message seems to point out a long file name / 8.3 issue.

I have questions :
- You type the directory name in the "Directory" field or you select it in the directory tree ?
- In the a DOS command box, from current directory "C:\" what results give the commands :
cd /D Y:\Foto\Immagini\Sfondi\background
cd /D Y:\Foto\Immagini\Sfondi\BRG4XN~5


Re: Error on paths (long filenames?) - Win7 + NAS

Hi, thanks for the very prompt response!
Here are my replies:

- I tested, and it happens in both cases.
- In both cases, the pwd changes to the desired directory, without any message or error. Obviously, the path indication displayed in the prompt string matches the form used, i.e. when cd'ing with the short name, the short name is displayed and vice-versa.

I would tend to exclude access right issues, since I never had any on this directories, and I use them pretty currntly (obviously this doesn't mean that I can absolutely rule them out).
Hope this helps.

Re: Error on paths (long filenames?) - Win7 + NAS

Could you make a test with Siren's previous version : 3.00 ?

Re: Error on paths (long filenames?) - Win7 + NAS

sorry for the absence.

I tested version 3.00; i obtained almost exactly the same behaviour.
I said "almost" because there's a small difference: testing the directory
Y:\Foto\Foto 3\2007-12-25 Natale
the error returned was:
"Impossible to access to Y:\Foto\FMGOOT~O\2007-12-25 Natale"
instead of the previous:
"Impossible to access to Y:\Foto\FMGOOT~O\243Q4C~X"


Re: Error on paths (long filenames?) - Win7 + NAS


On my side I have tried to reproduce the issue under 7 without "success".
Sorry, I don't have any solution but I keep this problem in mind.