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Hi, I was excited to see this checkbox option in the options, but it seems to only rotate the preview, not the images as I rename them. Is there some way to rotate the image itself automatically.

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You can choose to preview the "full" image (rotated or not) rather than the thumbnail by unchecking "Thumbnail" in the "View" menu.
Siren won't modify the image file and rotate it according to the Exif/Ciff orientation.
It is a renamer, it changes only the names/locations of files.



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Thanks, I guess I just got excited when I saw that.

For those looking for something like this, I found the below software. All you have to do is right click a folder and choose "Auto-rotate" from the windows menu and a basic dos program opens up and runs.

It did seem to mess up the thumbnails though, so I had to delete my thumbnail cache using the disk cleanup wizard.

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I found that worked well in rotating my pictures  big_smile

Jack B.