Topic: Make "Ctrl+Shift+E" more prominent

Because I had to search myself again, I want to suggest to add this feature to the menu:

"View > Modifier Positions (Ctrl+Shift+E)"

If no combo control have the focus, prompt the user with an how-to message (the one from the help).

That way the user will learn how to use and this feature and it will be used more often.

Just an idea! I will remember it now again for the next few weeks  smile
I can remember we have talked about this already?

From Help:

Press Ctrl+Shift+E in Expression box to see positions of selected parts in the status bar.

I can't copy text from the help. ?!?

Re: Make "Ctrl+Shift+E" more prominent

I don't really see a nice way to implement this.
There is already a specific help entry for it.
I'll think to it.

I can't copy text from the help. ?!?

Ctrl+C is working on my machine.