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I have a strange MP3 file. Both Siren 2.x and 3.x incorrectly calculate the duration as twice the expected value.

However, Windows and Winamp correctly show the MP3's duration.

Sample file:

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Welcome to this forum eegee,

I'll have a look at this problem using "sample.mp3" but I would prefer to investigate on the full file instead of a small part of it.
If is is less than 10 Mb you can send it me using the "Remarks and suggestions" mail address in Siren's "Help/About ..." menu.



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Thanks for taking a look at the MP3. Since the full file is a lot larger than 10MB, I'll email you a longer sample under that size. I hope that it will help.

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I have enough information to start to work on this issue.

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I think I have found the problem in Siren's code.
This kind of mp3 data seems very rare.

Thanks for reporting this bug. I'll try to add its correction in the next update.

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Siren 3.13 beta 1 should solve this issue.
You can find it in the announcement part of this forum.

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I have downloaded and tested the new version. It works excellently.