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Topic: Toolbar placement problem with ver. "3.14" on Linux

Looks like the new version reclaims just a small part of the space freed by deselecting the 'Column group toolbar' option...


Also, found out that this forum doesn't like the double quote when posting topics (but while previewing all seems fine, oddly).

Re: Toolbar placement problem with ver. "3.14" on Linux


I know there are some small and various display issues with different desktop environment and themes.
These problems are difficult to fix.
Thanks for reporting it.

Can you please tell :
- What is the distribution you are using ?
- What is the desktop environment ?
- Do you use any theme ?
- Did you make any modification to the theme you use ?

About the forum and the double quotes : I have made some tests and all looks fine.
I have changed the title of this topic by surrounding 3.14 with ".
Maybe didn't I understand what you meant.


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Re: Toolbar placement problem with ver. "3.14" on Linux

It's a Linux Mint 13 (itself based on Ubuntu Precise, the current long-term support version) 32-bit with the Mate window manager. No customizations to the theme, apart from using backports from the current version of Mate (didn't have any ill effect on Siren 3.13, btw is there a way to download a previous version?).

The thing with the forum was that I originally wrote the post with double quotes around "Column group toolbar" , previewed the post and all seemed fine, but when clicking on Submit the resulting post was cut off at the first double quote.

Edit: it did the same thing just now... Seems to be limited to the preview-then-submit case, when posting directly the bug doesn't manifest itself.

Re: Toolbar placement problem with ver. "3.14" on Linux


This issue seems to be related to the "2 or 3 toolbars layout" (accessible from the the "View" menu) rather than anything else.
I think I've been able to reproduce it under Windows too.
You are right this bug is not present in Siren 3.13.
I'll try to fix it in a next release.

All Siren versions can be downloaded from this site.
Here is the link to the 3.13 GNU/Linux 32 bits version : http://scarabee-software.net/download/S … 386.tar.gz

Thanks and regards.