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Topic: Misleading status following batch processing

Hi - I'm finding this software very useful, but there's one thing about it that I'm finding annoying and misleading:

I have a lot of files (2000+) buried two levels deep in a subdirectory of a subdirectory (i.e. a path like 001-030/001/file1.txt).  I'm renaming them all based on the first parent directory, to get something like 001_file001.txt, etc.  The process works fine and all the files seem to get renamed successfully.

However, there is a message in the lower left corner of the screen that doesn't seem right.  This is where the program shows its status when some process is underway - i.e. "Computing", "Renaming", etc.  The problem is that when performing a rename, even when the process is complete this status area still shows "Renaming (2536)".  (In this case, there might be 2547 files to be renamed.  The count it shows may or may not be correct - I think it shows whatever file it happened to be working on when it got its last status update.)  I'm never quite sure whether the process is done, or whether perhaps 11 files failed to get renamed.

What I think should happen is that when Siren recognizes that it is done processing files, this status message should be updated to say something like "2547 files renamed successfully", rather than leaving the message that looks like it is still processing.  Of course, if any files were not renamed successfully, that number should show the correct information.

Other than this one minor problem, this is a nice piece of software - thanks for making it available!  I especially like that it is available for both Windows and Linux, since I use both OSes frequently.

Re: Misleading status following batch processing


I imagine that you are using the last version of Siren, the 3.14.
This version includes a new feature : the directory monitoring.
This monitoring goes as far that it handles the modifications done by Siren itself : renaming, copying etc.
Unfortunately this version of the monitoring module has issues under Windows. The GNU/Linux one seems ok.
One of the indirect signs of the problem is the one you have noticed : the status bar is not correctly updated.
I don't think the rename/copy operations are affected and a directory refresh should show it.   

Work on Siren 3.15 has already begun and one of the features I have added is an option to disable the directory monitoring falling back to 3.13 behaviors.
I won't release it until the monitoring problems have been solved.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Thanks for your feedback