Topic: %nc and %ncs not checking extension?


First, thanks for the great program.   It is very capable and useful.

I found a problem renaming files from my digital camera.  I am saving raw and jpeg photos for each shot.  If I use %ncs, the .nef file gets a "selection number," but there is no other file with the same name.  It looks like the extension is not being checked when looking for name collisions.

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Here is a screen shot of Siren with the problem files highlighted. … enshot.jpg

And here are the two files, in case they can help: … C_0021.JPG … C_0021.NEF

Re: %nc and %ncs not checking extension?


Thanks for your message.

If there is a problem, it is a misunderstanding. I must admit that the help/documentation is perhaps a bit short on this point...

%nc  : the selection number relative to a name "collision"
          (same beginnings)

"%ncs" is computed the same way as "%nc".

The important part here is: "(same beginnings)".
It means that "%nc", and "%ncs", are computed based on the text found before them.

For a given file, "%ncs" value is incremented as many times as a file with a lower selection number has a "Future name" beginning with the same character sequence. In your example, the result of "%Xdt_%XSt".
The expression part after "%ncs" is not taken into account.
In your example, the extension (%le) is not part of its computation.

This may sound strange but it's the way i have chosen to do it.

For your rename operation, the solution can be to do it in two steps: first the "nef"s and then the "jpg"s.
(Ctrl+S or the menu option "Select/Sel with filter" can be useful)

I hope this little text has filled the documentation lacks.

Re: %nc and %ncs not checking extension?

That makes sense.  I didn't really notice the "same beginnings" part, but was thinking "same name."

Thanks for a quick response.