Topic: Favourites Lost

Don't have any idea what happened but for some reason all my favorites are gone. The siren.ini favorites section is empty.
I had an long list of favorites. Would like to suggest a backup function, either automatic or manual.

In the meantime, Remi, you probably have a pretty good library of favs. Could you post it.

Thanks in advance

Re: Favourites Lost


Sorry for what happened. I have never experienced it and this has never been reported to me.
What "backup" policy do you have in mind ?

About my "favourites", you will be disappointed : I have a very few and they are very simplistic.
Currently the ones I use the most are :

I don't have much repetitive work to do. When I have something special to achieve I generally
write a one shot expression.
When it looks interesting I may add it to Siren's help.
Stefan add some to the help section of this forum (thanks to him).
I encourage you (and all the users) to do the same.



Re: Favourites Lost

Simple backup would save last 7 days on exit
copy siren.ini.bk6 to siren.ini.bk7
copy siren.ini.bk5 to siren.ini.bk6
and so forth until...
copy siren.ini to siren.ini.bak1

Re: Favourites Lost

daffdaemon, if you want you can do that even now yourself by utilizing a DOS batch, like


REM SirenLauncher, v00.1, 2015-11-09
REM Create a backup of the Siren.INI file, then launch Siren.EXE

CD %~dp0

if exist Siren.ini.9 DEL  Siren.ini.9
if exist Siren.ini.8 REN  Siren.ini.8 Siren.ini.9
if exist Siren.ini.7 REN  Siren.ini.7 Siren.ini.8
if exist Siren.ini.6 REN  Siren.ini.6 Siren.ini.7
if exist Siren.ini.5 REN  Siren.ini.5 Siren.ini.6
if exist Siren.ini.4 REN  Siren.ini.4 Siren.ini.5
if exist Siren.ini.3 REN  Siren.ini.3 Siren.ini.4
if exist Siren.ini.2 REN  Siren.ini.2 Siren.ini.3
if exist Siren.ini.1 REN  Siren.ini.1 Siren.ini.2
if exist Siren.ini   COPY Siren.ini   Siren.ini.1

START "" Siren.exe


This will save the current ini before launching Siren, and also rename the older one to keep them a little bit longer.

We could do it at the end too, but then we had to keep that DOS-window open,....
on the other hand, we could use a AHK script which could run in background.

Re: Favourites Lost

Thank you, Stefan.
I've implemented your suggestion.
In 3 months haven't had a re-occurrence of the issue.
Still a mystery what happened on that one occasion.