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Topic: Support MTP / WPD devices

Please could you add support for Media Transfer Protocol (Window Portable Device) protocol.

I have one camera and a couple of phones which do not mount as a USB mass storage device with a drive letter when I connect them,
and hence do not appear in the Siren directory list panel.  What I have to do instead is first copy all those files to a temp directory on my machine, then use Siren to transfer/rename from there in order to organise them in my preferred locatrion and layout.

Apparently this is the standard for Android phones now.  No more drive letters.

Even if the files would be read-only to Siren (so the transfer would be a copy rather than a rename/move), support for MTP devices would be a big advantage to me, avoiding the 2-step process.

Thanks for a great bit of software and keep up the good work.

Re: Support MTP / WPD devices

Hello and Welcome,

I'll try to have a look at this.
"No drive letter" can have important consequences.

Have you tried to use tools to map mtp devices ?