Topic: Is there a way to insert a literal - dash?

This is more of a usage question:

I am using the suggested image renaming pattern for synced renaming of JPG and raw files:


I would like to rename to something like LiteralText-NNN.*, tried


and various variations of escape characters without luck.

Underscore works fine of course,


produces expected results of LiteralText_NNN.*

Perhaps this is covered in the help text but I was unable to find it looking for 'literal' and 'escape' words.

Re: Is there a way to insert a literal - dash?

Hello and welcome,

%f[2] : extracts the second array/string element. The default separator is '-' (dash) and this is what causes trouble here.

With the expression you are using : %e-LiteralText-%nc.%e;%f[2]
%f[2] will always give the second string element : LiteralText

I see two ways to solve this :

1) Change the separator
For example lets use '@' in place of the default '-'.
This expression should be ok : %e@LiteralText-%nc.%e;%f[2,"@"]

The first '-' is replaced by '@' : %e@LiteralText
In the second sub-expression, the '@' is specified as separator : %f[2,"@"]

2) Change the extraction
Using the default separator, with the expression : %e-LiteralText-%nc.%e
in fact what we are interested in are the two last elements : LiteralText-%nc.%e

This can be specified by slightly changing the second sub-expression : %f[-2,0]
The extraction is done starting 2 elements from the end (-2) until the end (0).

So, this expression should be ok : %e-LiteralText-%nc.%e;%f[-2,0]

You can see details about this "[]" modifier in the help : Expression/Modifiers/String modifier : "[ ]"

Hoping this will help.

Re: Is there a way to insert a literal - dash?

How about


Or some other, non-used sign instead of the underscore.

Re: Is there a way to insert a literal - dash?

Thanks guys, amazing tool - I used Rémi's suggestion 1) above: %e@LiteralText-%nc.%e;%f[2,"@"]
This works in the situation of paired files, like


so it covers some of my use cases.

Perhaps this thread should be moved to How-To.

Now, the other use case I am trying to solve is where there is not an exact match of JPG to RAW files:


For this case, the above pattern sequences JPG and RAW separately, when the desired outcome is to keep the image pairs together when both are available, and then rename:

    IMG001 (JPG)
    IMG002 (JPG, RAW)
    IMG003 (JPG, RAW)
    IMG004 (RAW)

I realize that this might be a bit of specialized use case, Siren seems otherwise quite capable.

Re: Is there a way to insert a literal - dash?

I am not sure to understand your needs here.
What are the paired files if any ?
Can you give us what you have on input and what you expect on output ?

PS : Thanks to Stefan for the third way to solve the previous issue