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I am an occasional user of Siren and I have just installed it on my new laptop.  However, when I double-click the desktop shortcut, nothing happens for a couple of minutes then an error message is displayed "Impossible to access C:\Program Files (x86)\Siren".
I do not recall ever having this problem on my previous machines.
Any help/advice gratefully received.  Thanks.

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Hello and welcome,

Have you tried to install Siren outside of a "system" Windows folder like the program one ? Do it in a personal data directory for example. This is what I do for all the no-install software I use.
To be honest, I have stopped trying to understand Windows access rights management.



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Hi Rémi,
THanks for the suggestion, it works fine now.  The reason I asked is that Siren is stored in Program Files (x86) on my wife's laptop and it runs without the error.  We both have Dell laptops running the same version of Win 10 and, as far as I can see, the permissions are the same.  Ah, the joys of MS operating systems!
Thank you for providing an excellent utility.

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It will work installed in "C:\Program Files (x86)" too
if you work as administrator and with disabled "UAC".
Then user has write access to "C:\Program Files",
but every program start has also full rights on the PC,
Viruses also, so it's not recommended do work that way every day!
Google for "How do I know if I have Windows administrator rights?"

Better is to just give write access for one user or the whole group "users"
to an defined sub folder, such as "C:\Program Files (x86)\Siren"
Google fore "How do I give permission to users?"

Or do what Rémi says, do not install to "C:\Program Files" and not to "C:\Windows".
Create for example a own folder like "C:\MyTools" for such applications.

HTH?  cool