Topic: Queue renaming: Groupe Favorites

Sometimes we want to do renamings

which expressions
* is to long
* to complicated to understand

which must be done in more then one steps because
* we use place holders to mask some thing and must remove them later
* we get a new problem with this renaming result and must take an another step to adjust this

So i want to suggest an feature "Queue Renaming" or "Sequence Renaming":
e.g. by adding favorites to groups and execute this group (instead an single favorite)

or let's select more then one favorite from an new dialog (with Ctrl ?)
and execute this one after another in the sequence we selected them.

Just an suggestion.
What do you think? (Maybe we can discuses this in an chat channel? )

Re: Queue renaming: Groupe Favorites

In the 2.00 version, the expression syntax will evolve a bit and especially on this point.
It will be possible to "chain" sub-expressions by separating them with ";".
This will help solving the cases where many steps were needed like this one in dpreview's forum.

For now adding "external" code like other favorites is not supported.
Maybe in a future version.