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I want to rename thousand of files inside many folder.

For images folder I want to use:
%b - %Ixx%Iy.%e

For videos folder I want to use:
%b - %Vd - %Vxx%Vy.%e

Is it possible to rename files that are in different directories with a file. Bat (batch file using Siren)?
For now I have to manually go to each directory and renamed which is very long since I have hundreds of directory.

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Re: Rename in batch file

This program is really powerful even if not all time easy to use....
Thanks dude !

I find what I want:

This one rename all images files with width and height in all actual directory (TEST) and subdirectories (I try in DOS command prompt and choose the folder).

All your folder and subfolder are inside the MAIN folder TEST (e.g. G:\TEST>)
You use the command prompt from DOS
G:\TEST>"C:\Program Files (x86)\Siren\siren.exe" -d"TEST" -t -s*.* -e"%b - %Ixx%Iy.%e" - r

With this simple line I was able to rename more than 17,000 files in a minute (the time that Siren scan all these files in all folders and subfolders)

Re: Rename in batch file

Thanks !

Your command line looks incomplete/malformed. It should end with "-r -q", right ? (without the space between "-" and "r").
I wouldn't want the other users to be misinformed.