Topic: Rename .ISO files without to need to open them


I have a lot of movie in ISO format and I like to rename all them like that:

%b - %Vd - %Vxx%Vy.%e
%b - EN+FR+... - Subs=EN+FR+... - %Vd - %Vxx%Vy.%e

But  I need to open them one by one to know the information that I need to rename them.

I would like that Siren be able to give the maximum information on ISO (videos/movies) without we need to open them.
So we can rename thousand ISO file in a minute.

Thanks !

Re: Rename .ISO files without to need to open them


During the development of the 3.00 version I've looked at the "ISO" file format and finally decided to extract only the basic information. ISO9660 is a filesystem and would need much more effort and code to extract the video data from it.
For now I have not planned to work on this feature.