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Topic: How to "escape" %nc variable to use %n AND c for word "counter"?

Q:  If I use something like

%b(1,10)_%ncount.%e  (add  selection number plus the word "count")

I get names like

instead of


A: This is because "%nc" is a Siren variable.
(add selection number relative to a name "collision" (same beginnings),...)

So Siren do not see "%n" only plus literal "count",  but %nc" plus the letters "ount".

But you can escape the "c" to drop the special meaning of "%nc"
by using an backslash like in "%n\c".

So you could use:


The same for
%b(1,10)_%npart.%e (add selection number relative to the file path)

and all other variables.