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Additionally to the  current Multi-Expression mode with the semicolon as delimiter,

%expression ; %expression ; %expression

me think it would be nice to have a Multi-Line Expressions mode, with each expression on a new line.

Probably in a additional dialog box.

Something like:

Expression    |  Resolved on Selected File as example
%expression | file name
%expression | File Name
%expression | FileName

For a nice view, + better understanding, + debugging issues.

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Probably an idea for the Expression testbed (which deserves a icon on the right of the Expression box in the main window, btw)

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No intermediate result is kept after computation.
Maybe in the expression testbed. I'll think about it.

Thanks again

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Here is the first version of the "new" testbed.
For this example the preferences contains a rule to replace "@" with "o".

Give me your thoughts, please.


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Do I see that right?

Instead of my idea to split the input-expressions at the semicolon delimiter into multiple lines,

you provide a way to show the renaming process step-by-step for each expression. As many RegEx tools do.

How clever, and could be nifty to understand the whole computing process to find own misunderstandings.

Now we can easily see where we have done a mistake and fix our expression or the order of expressions.

I like it already. Will test it this days......

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Re: Multi-Line Expressions mode

>>> "I like it already. Will test it this days......"

Oh, it is not provided for download yet.  OK, fine.

>>> "Give me your thoughts, "
was meant based on the picture then?
What can I say? Looks nice, good, nifty.
But what means "Preference"? This is an kind of expression too, isn't it?
By preference I first thought on settings from the Options dialog (Preferences).

And BTW, I would suggest to show an kind of indicator at least, that the Preferences
are not in default state anymore, but modified by user.
Smtg like: "Preferences: default"  // "Preferences: modified !"
Or just show an star * somewhere, as text editors do on modified documents.

I will take another look later, maybe I see smtg more....

Good work, Rémi !

>>>> "For this example the preferences contains a rule to replace "@" with "o"."

AHHH, NOW I see it big_smile big_smile big_smile

OK, I have read it before, but not understood, because I though in that row the new path\ is the main point.

All clear now.

Re: Multi-Line Expressions mode

Just Idea:

Instead of a second column for the filter (Passed),
how about a common usable |Process| column, smtg like:

Filter | Process | Sub.Exp

*.mp3 | Match
*.avi  | No pass
         | Apply

*.mp3 | No pass
*.avi  | Match
         | Apply

where you could show other "no match" or "error" or "un-solved" messages too.

Re: Multi-Line Expressions mode

Thanks for your kind feedback !

About the preferences, adding an information indicating that it differs from default would be a bit "too much" ... no ?
To be honest, this step in the expression computation process doesn't only make changes associated to preferences but other few ones too like path normalization etc. . The first version used "global" rather than "preferences" in the "operation" column.
I thought it would be clearer to the final user to change it.

I have made a test for the "Passed" column. "No pass" or "Don't pass" are not the right ones. I can't put an icon either (green or red light), the API doesn't allow it.

In these "debug data" I would like to add more details like in the help. Maybe one day.

I keep working on the next release mainly correcting bugs, making modifications associated to C++11 etc.
It won't come out soon.
If you are ok maybe will I send you a pre-alpha when available.