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Topic: How to change the case on a part of name only

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%ub[1] - %b[2].%e


  %b              : the "base" name
   [1] and [2] : substring of name, split at given separator
  %ub            : all characters upper case, here of the "base" name
   %e             : the name extension

%ub[1]  gives you the first substring of name, split at separator, and put all characters into upper case.
"- "         is Space-Hyphen-Space manually inserted by you.
%b[2]    gives you the second substring of name, split at given separator.
%e        gives you the name extension.

Detailed explanation:

Every variable can be postfixed by a "[]" modifier.
It will be split into an array of substrings following the
specified separator characters.
The usage is: "[ i, "s" ]"
   i   : number of the substring to extract.
         If negative, the extraction is done from the end.
         If "0" (zero), it's equivalent to the complete string
         without the beginning and ending spaces.
   s   : list of separator characters, optional.
         If it is not specified, the list defined in
         "Options/Modifications" is used.

I have set "File > Options/Modifications > Array elements separator" to " - "

You can put one or more character modifiers just after the "%":
   @ : accented characters to standard ASCII
       ('é' to 'e', 'ü' to 'u', 'Á' to 'A' ...).
   u : all characters upper case.
   l : all characters lower case.
   U : first character of each word upper case, the others
       lower case. The words are separated by the characters
       specified in "Options/Modifications".
   L : first character uppercase, the rest lowercase.

See Siren Help (?) for more explanation.

Press the F1-key while you are in Siren to read more about.
Enjoy Siren,  No installation needed, unzip and run. Siren stores it settings into an ini file, not in the Registry.

                                             Siren is a freeware file renaming program
                                               - portable, highly flexible, powerfully -
                                          If it's looking tricky it's easy to rename with Siren.

                                          Now for Windows Win32 and GNU/Linux also: