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Topic: "Replace characters"-function as "Expression"

Hi rplr,
i wish you an happy new year.

I have another question i came along by using Siren.

Can we have the "Replace characters" function as "Expression" too please?

1. we would be able to store this expression (drop down list, favorites)
2. we can access it quicker
3. we don't have to clear the Replace characters"  fields

A few suggestion/help how this could look:

use pipe symbol | as delimiter between each pair:
%f ( " s | ire | n "  ,  " Goo | d | !  " )

siren ==> Good!

and use 'less then' and 'greater then' angle brackets to get the special meaning of this expression
%f ( < a | bcd | e >  ,  < x |  | z  > )

This would shorten multi expresions like:
%b("old","new")("Feat.","ft")("money","$")("%20"," ")("%7E","~").%e

too to:
%b(<old|Feat.|money|%20|%7E> , <new|ft|$| |~>).%e

Till that an info for user:
in 'Options...' under 'Modifications' and 'Replace characters'
we can wrote in the 'From' field a few chars
that would be exchanged with that chars that are
in the 'To' field on the same position as the char above.
From: ABC
To: 123
All upper case A's will be exchanged to an '1', all B's to '2' and all C's to '3'.

Re: "Replace characters"-function as "Expression"

Hello Stefan,

A happy new year 2007 to you too !!

I think it can be done too using regular expressions but the length and complexity of the result should not be much better than the "replace chain".

I'll think to it for the version after the 2.00.

Thanks for this suggestion and all your posts !!