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Topic: Impossible to access a folder


The folder E:\Users\Michel\Documents\Mes sites Web\ is not seen by Siren v3.14.

This folder exists and can be selected when "Select[ing] a directory" (not translated tongue); but an error message appears when coming back to Siren.

Any idea of this issue?

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The folder is not seen by Siren: (It should be bettween "Ma" and "MP…")

It is seen by the Windows folder selector:

When selected, Siren display this error message:

1. Posting the same post with a double quote after →The folder ← (i.e. just before E:\), display only my post till this 1st double quote.

2. On Google Chrome, it was impossible to post my post due to the error ERR_BLOCKED_BY_XSS_AUDITOR.

Re: Impossible to access a folder

Hello Michel,

A directory cannot be accessed if :
- it is not "readable" from a operating system point of view
- it has "hidden" in its attributes and "List hidden directories and files" ("Affichage des répertoires et des fichiers cachés") is not checked in "Preferences/Display"

Can you check these points ?


Re: Impossible to access a folder

Well seen!
I checked

Re: Impossible to access a folder

Well seen!
I checked <List hidden directories and files>, and the folder appeared! BUT my folder is not hidden:

ps: I subscribed to this topic ("Stay subscribed to this topics" is checked just under this, while writing this reply), but I didn't receive any notification when you replied sad

ps2: I replaced my double quotes around →List hidden directories and file← by angle brackets because the end of my post was not displayed: there is a bug with this forum sad  This is the same case as my 2d edit in my previous post.

Re: Impossible to access a folder

Can you please run the following and share the output ? :
- Open a "cmd" command, go to the the directory "E:\Users\Michel\Documents" and run the command :
attrib "Mes sites Web"
- In Siren "Preferences/Columns" check the "Attributes" column then list the content of "E:\Users\Michel\Documents". The "Attributes" column should be displayed.

Regarding the forum problems, I know it is far from perfect, it has some issues but it is solid, light and fast. Let me know if you have a better option.

Best regards

Re: Impossible to access a folder

Not hidden from DOS view point:

Hidden from Siren view point:

Regarding the forum problems, the most annoying bug is the double quote: sometimes, it is not possible to go back to the form to not having to re-enter the post text.

Re: Impossible to access a folder

And Siren sees "System" attribute as "Hidden".
This explains that.

Re: Impossible to access a folder

About the forum, a workaround has been posted and I have applied it.
I am not sure if it works correctly.
Let me know if this issue is always present.