Topic: Rename files randomly

Maybe a nice feature would be randomize the name and/or the extensions.

E.g. for security,
when i wipe my files, the file names are still visible (on the disc).

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Or for security
when i password protect archive my files in an ZIP or RAR archive.

One can't unpack  this archives without the password
but can list the content and see the file names.

Therefor it's good to randomize the names.
The pair list to rename this files back could be in the archive too.

(BTW: the length of the name should be different long also)

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Hmmm, brain storming:
just thought i can do this with "rename from list" also, isn't it?
I only have to make an list with randomized names bevor.
But then i have always the same names.
And this is no solution for randomize rename an hole disc.

Re: Rename files randomly

I think you'll can use the "rename from list" feature. The problem will be to reestablish the right file order.
To "randomize" your file names maybe can you use the "%R" variable which is already available in the 1.90