Topic: Rename from a file list

My last request "Log feature" implements the next feature request: rename from file list.


- have ten files selected
- load new names from a text file
- rename file 1 with the name in line 1
- rename file 2 with the name in line 2
- rename file 3 with the name in line 3
...      ....   ...
- rename file 10 with the name in line 10

Syntax of the text file maybe like:
old name:new name ===> rename 1:1 relation ship if 'old name' is found
old3 name:new3 name
next old name:next new name

new name ====> rename by position name1:line1, now mercy.
new3 name
next new name
:new name

What do you think.

Re: Rename from a file list

Slow down ... you are making me "reveal" many new features of the 2.00. ;-)

It will be possible to get lines from text files and use them in the rename expression.

Re: Rename from a file list

rplr wrote:

It will be possible to get lines from text files and use them in the rename expression.

Lil bit unclear which of my two suggestions you mean.

Just brain storming...

For example
- i have a few mp-3 files which i use for renamer tests

It would be nice if i can rename this files back to the "original" name with a text file:

Files on disc:

Text file:
some band - some song.mp5
other singer - other song.mp5

Relation ship: one line <-> one file

The "pair"-renaming wouldn't work here because the file names on disc are unknown due the tests.
But the pair rename feature would help in other ways.

f.ex. with regEx

Your Result.TXT::result-\d\d-\d\d-\d\d.{3,5}\.log

left of the colon : is the new name,
on the right is the name to rename.

I have here an double colon :: for to detect and use regEx expression.

Relation ship: one name <-> one encountered search expression

Sorry, don't know if this is to much... just brain storming.

Re: Rename from a file list

Rapidly thinking, here is how i see things under the next version (2.00):
- First save the current directory's file names.
The problem here will be to retrieve the original file order for the rollback. As only renamings will be done maybe sorting the file list on the creation/modification date time can be an idea. Select the files and copy the names to the clipboard (Ctrl+Shift+P, like in the 1.90), paste in a text editor and save the file. "C:\test_flist.txt" for example.
- Make the needed tests
- Resort the file list following the original criteria
- Select the files and apply a rename expression like: %T{"C:\\test_flist.txt"}
(this is currently the syntax of the text file line extraction)

Another idea might be: depending on the length of your file list maybe could it be possible to transform it into an expression.

Re: Rename from a file list

What's about if you add a MD5 Column?
(MD5 depends to the file content, not the file name, AFAIK)

So we could:
* sort by MD5
* export the original names
* do your tests
* sort by MD5
* rename back from file list.txt


Re: Rename from a file list

I've already been asked to add a checksum variable.
But computing it on big files can take a while therefore some investigation has to be done for its integration.
If the checksum remains the same so should be the modification time.