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Topic: Where to download Siren 2.01?

Hi Rémi, comment ça va?  big_smile

Do you still provide a download link for Siren 2.01?
You know, some people prefer small size of executable (0,5 MB <> 9 MB).

Me guess you have removed the download as you can't guarantee
that it still works with nowadays operation systems.

But maybe you can provide a hidden link without any announcement but which I can share with others.
Or, am I allowed to share my version of Siren 2.01 with others? (nothing big planned, just with some forum members)
But better (more official, looks more secure) and more easier to share for me if you would provide the download.

Thank you very much for Siren!


Re: Where to download Siren 2.01?

Hello Stefan,

Glad to hear from you.
Siren 2.01 has always been present on the site. Only recently did I remove it from the download pages.
Based on your request I have modified them to include the link back again.

Thanks again for your interest in this small tool.

Re: Where to download Siren 2.01?

Great, download works as expected.

Thank you / merci / Danke schön