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Hi Remy and all.

Remember me?  tongue I just wanted to say that I have downloaded Siren 3 and will try it later.

I got an email from this forum. Someone asks me a question, but I don't know the answer, nor can I find the question in this forum. So dear asker, if you see this the answer is

I don't know

It's been a while since I've used Siren. Sorry about that, Remy. That will change now!

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Hello Anne !

Of course I remember you : the official Siren spokeswoman  wink
A member of the extremely small group of female users.

Glad to see you back !

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So one year without any update?  tongue  (expression filters?  smile )
So I guess everything works fine?

Hope you all are fine too?

Just a quick

EDIT: the rest of my message was dropped  (now I remember we had that before):

Just a quick "hello again"

I didn't had to rename a  lot of files last year....


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Hello Stefan,

It's nice to hear from you.
Even if I have not spent as much time on Siren as I would have liked, the work continues (will it ever end ?).
The "Expression filters" feature has been implemented. The only missing element is an explained example.
Many other smaller new things, bug fixes and improvements should be part of the next version.
The tests will require a lot of efforts and I tend to postpone the task by implementing other changes.

The next feature I will maybe add to the release after the next is allowing the user to create its own variables and associate code to them. It would written in a scripting language.
The one that looks interesting is Lua. Please, give me your ideas about this.

I hope that everything goes well for you.

Thanks again for your interest in this little project.

Best regards,


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Hi Rémi,

Lua seems logical for a cross-plattform scripting language, beside of Python.

Unfortunately I have never worked with it  (only with VBS, JS, PascalScript, PowerShell, AutoHotkey)
So I can't say anything about that. But it looks good, as most other language, based on the documentation.

If you not already know, there is
with comparison to other languages for a quick overview.

All the best to you.

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Hello to all and all the best for 2017!

Rémi, thank you for making Siren!



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Hello Stefan,

As you can see in this forum I have added a new software on which I have worked during 2016.
I needed to let Siren live its life for a moment. I needed some fresh air, try new things that might finally come back to it.

I wish you and all the ones wandering here the very best for 2017.


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Hello Remi,

I'm still using Siren, great program.
Just setting up a new system.
Was here today to find the solution to Windows 10 UAC issues, which I found.
The crashes I was experiencing with windows 7 don't seem to be an issue so far with 10.  smile
I just wanted to encourage you to think about a re-issue.
I know you've moved on to other projects, but siren is such a superb piece of work.
Really would be nice to have a new version with some of the bugs (filtering!) fixed.
Anyway, Cheers.


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Hello Daffdaemon,

Even if it doesn't look like it, Siren is alive. Why ? Just because I am still using it.
There are still bugs I need to fix and changes I want to make. Until then I won't release a new version.
It will need time and motivation.

Thanks for your interest