Topic: Modify variable increment %nc.

Good morning,
I can't find how to rename a series of photos. the software assigns to the first selected photo "001"
and I would like him to start the series at 015 for example
result obtained without modification:
IMG46 %Xdod photo_name %nc.%e 20191203 photo_name 001.CR2
IMG47 %Xdod photo_name %nc.%e 20191203 photo_name 002.CR2

sought result:
IMG46 %Xdod photo_name %nc.%e 20191203 photo_name 015.CR2
IMG47 %Xdod photo_name %nc.%e 20191203 photo_name 016.CR2

thank you in advance for your help

Re: Modify variable increment %nc.


Some modifiers can be applied to specific variables : "%nc" is one of them.
Here is an excerpt from the help file : Expression/Modifiers/Modifiers specific to some variables

For the selection numbers : %n, %np, %nc, %ncs, %ncf and %ncfs
the usage is : { p, s, i } 
p : size (a size set to 1 avoids any addition of zeros on the left) 
s : start 
i : step 

Appending "{3,15}" to the "%nc" variable in your expression should achieve what you expect :
IMG46 %Xdod photo_name %nc{3,15}.%e