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Thank YOU very much for Siren!!!
I think this is an fantastic file renamer.
I like that i can split the name in parts and
change the case of each part seperatly ( for .mp3 files ;-) ).

It's a little bit heavy (for me) to work with Siren,
but that's the price for his power. After a few tries
i have found out how to use it.

Thank you - thank you - thank you!

BTW, also the small single exe
and the siren.ini (no registry :-) i love very much!



Re: Fantastic renamer

You're right, Stefan! With respect, I share your opinion on the
lightness, cleanliness and power of Siren.
Ued the app for some of the jobs where I find that it's most suitable.
I'm yet to learn how to harness its power. For this I wish more texts
or examples were available. This forum, I hope and believe, would
help fill that void. (I find the help notes that Siren brings along a
little too less.)

Not to forget that I'm really glad that Siren is still alive and being

Sincere thanks to all those involved!

Re: Fantastic renamer

Hi RR, welcome.
Nice to have you a board big_smile
In the "How To" -Forum you should find some examples, some are in  german, but one can guess the meaning by study the expressions, thought.

Re: Fantastic renamer


You can also post any question in the "How to ..." forum.
I am sure you'll get answers wink

Thanks for your support.