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Is this alpha version not yet ready for download? I can't find any link.

Re: Siren 2.00 alpha

Hi RR,

the Alpha is tested by an small group first
for to be sure there is no risk to lose your files by an (un-)logically coding mistake.
Stay tuned for the Beta. (I'm sure rplr will post soon for more info)

Best regards

Re: Siren 2.00 alpha

If I've made this announcement it's mainly to tell users that the project is not dead. There is always a long period between Siren's releases.

Regarding the alpha version, many modifications have been made. Thanks to the testers and particularly to Stefan.

The final release is far from finished.


Re: Siren 2.00 alpha

Well, that's still a big relieve! Take time, I never stop hoping ;-) 'cause the final product is surely gonna be a good one. Thanks for all the painstaking efforts (whose fruit I reap)!